...So that others may live.









         Launch 1000 calls in 60 seconds.


         The Missing Children's Network of Michigan is dedicated to preserving the safety of all children by assisting and supporting those families

         and children who are living through the crisis of a child's disappearance, and promoting the awareness in the State of Michigan of the

         problem and danger of missing and runaway children.


         NCMEC mission is to help prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation; help finding missing children; assist victims of child abduction

         and sexual exploitation, their families and the professionals who serve them.


         The AMBER Plan is a voluntary partnership between law enforcement agencies and broadcasters to activate an urgent bulletin in the most

         serious child abduction cases.


         We help find missing children, prevent children from going missing in the first place and promote child safety legislation like Amber Alerts


         TrackMissing is an organization dedicated to assisting families and Law Enforcement agencies locate missing persons of all ages as well as

         preventing domestic violence by providing education, resources and support. Our web site provides information on missing persons as well

         as links and what to do in the event a person goes missing.


         CUE is an organization focused on finding the missing, advocating for their causes, and supporting their families.




         Provides networking, support, suggestions, and encouragement to people with missing/found Michigan companion animals/friends.


         Missing Pet Partnership is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to reuniting lost companion animals with their owners/guardians.


         PetFinder aims to provide a multifaceted service to assist in the location of lost pets.


         We are trying, in our small way, to make amends. We believe that all animals deserve to be treated humanely and with respect. Each and

         every one of us can make a difference and help to keep our ancient promise to the animals .




         The purpose of the California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA) is to furnish highly trained volunteer search dog teams for search and rescue;

         to train and promote working dogs for search missions; and to support and organize tests for search dogs; to further the public knowledge,

         interested and use of search dogs.


         Mission Ready Forensic Evidence and Human Remains Detection Dogs



         ICF is a non-profit organization in Northern California for the advancement of research and education of Forensic Evidence and Human

         Remains Detection Dog teams.


         Kent County Search & Rescue is a dedicated team of volunteers that locate, assist, stabilize and transport missing persons of Kent County

         and the surrounding communities.


         Michigan Task Force 1 is responsible for locating the victims of a disaster.


         Midland County Search and Rescue is organized exclusively to safely locate, assist with stabilizing and transporting missing persons of

         Midland County and surrounding communities with the approval of the office of the Sheriff of Midland County.


         The National Association for Search and Rescue, Inc. (NASAR) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to advancing

         professional, literary, and scientific knowledge in fields related to search and rescue. NASAR is comprised of thousands of paid and non-paid

         professionals interested in all aspects of search and rescue - the humanitarian cause of saving lives - throughout the United States and

         around the world.


         The North American Search Dog Network helps members provide the highest quality search dog resources for their communities, and aids in

         networking these resources through North America.


         Bringing information to the Search and Rescue community.


         SARDUS' mission is to assist Local, State, and Federal search and rescue dog teams by providing education, training and certification to

         National Standards.




        Gear4SAR was designed to provide K9 Search and Rescue Teams and Ground Teams across the country with unique search gear and T-shirts.

        It is also owned and operated by an K9 Handler and all profits go to assist in the training of her K9 to search for missing persons.